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Commonly known as Pea, Legume, Bean, or Pulse Family

Broom, California

Lotus scoparius var. scoparius

Clover, Tomcat

Trifolium longipes

Lotus, Hill

Lotus humistratus

Lotus, Silverleaf

Lotus argophyllus

Lupine, Brewer's

Lupinus breweri

Lupine, Bush

Lupinus albifrons

Lupine, Harlequin

Lupinus stiversii

Lupine, White

Lupinus albicaulis

Pea, Snub

Lathyrus sulphureus

Sweetvetch, Western

Hedysarum occidentale

Clover, Red

Trifolium pratense

Locoweed, Bolander's

Astragalus bolanderi

Meadow Lotus

Lotus oblongifolius

Lotus, Small-flowered

Lotus micranthus

Lupine, Broad-leaved

Lupinus polyphyllus

Lupine, Dwarf

Lupinus nanus

Lupine, Spider

Lupinus benthamii

Pea, Sierra Nevada

Lathyrus nevadensis

Redbud, Western

Cercis occidentalis


Vicia cracca